Glacier National Park, Montana

I hate the middle seat. I’m a window seat kind of guy. I enjoy looking down below at the patchwork of farms that makes up America. Also it’s nice to lean my head against the wall pass out.

I was still dehydrated from some intoxicate use the night before.

I was up late last night. Went to a MoCA event with some other couchsurfers. I got stoned because I couldn’t sleep. Now I’m on a plane, with no pillow, in the middle seat, getting shit sleep.


Growing up, going over to Montana. We’re on our way to spend 10 days in Glacier National Park. This is the park my dad never got this to his children. He was busy marrying a crazy bitch, my brother was graduating, and I was entering the world of psychedelics.

But we’re going now. I’m here because my dad loves his kids. This is the family trip he’s been wanting. If anyone needs an escape from their life it’s him. [I’m probably projecting here, I need escape too.] My goal is to make sure he has fun with his sons.
Turns out my dad isn’t the greatest at planning trips. We are staying in Great Falls the first night then our next few nights are pretty close, without much to do or see in between.

We ate lunch, after picking my brother up at the airport. He flew in separate from Ohio. The place we ate was mediocre at best. I wold soon learn this would be a trend in Montana cuisine.


Afterwards we spent an unfortunate amount of time in a sporting goods store. The time was passed a little quicker with the company of an unaccompanied minor who wanted fifty bucks to put a gun that shoots salt at bugs.

The next night we stayed in Browning. It was only a two hour drive from Great Falls with even less to do.

We find our residency for the evening; a tipi village. I could tell my dad was underwhelmed to say the least. But once I saw inside teepee I was excited. I love camping. And the foam had they provided was way softer than what I normally camp with.



We spent the day driving up to Canada.


Canada has a national park that borders Glacier, Waterton National Park. Together they create one large International Peace Park.

Canada is beautiful. Is it fair that their side of the border is nicer than America? Canadian bacon was right. He didn’t do much there but it was exciting because I got to drive in another foreign country and I’ve now been to national parks and three countries. Possibly for, not too sure what the deal is with the Philippines.

I slept very well in Tipi that night.



The next day few we went hiking in Glacier National Park. My dad was slow because he’s old and my brother was slow because he got sick from a frozen salmon burger. Regardless,  they both impressed me by hiking 15 miles in a day.

We did the Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail. We knew it was closed because a trail marker had said so. In my head I just assumed that meant the trial was closed and I could ignore it. BUT no, they actually have a big ass metal door that closed the tunnel!


The trail was still fun. We saw some marmot, some goats, and had a hell of a view.




I spent every night in Montana staying up late because I couldn’t sleep. It was lighter later, a time difference,  and I need time alone to quiet my mind. So I mostly spent my evenings alone, drinking in the hotel lobby.


I hope my dad had fun! I love that guy.




We walked all the way around this lake. Pictured is about 3/4 of it



This is a beaver dam. I recently watched a show about beavers as a keystone species. I was excited to see this.


Buffalo, outside the park



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