10 Days: Back in San Diego

When you get an opportunity to travel to run away from your problems it’s hard to come back. In Wisconsin, I thought that I had figured everything out. I was angry, but now I’m over it. I was sad, but now I’m okay.

I had this list of things in my head. In fact I might of even written them down somewhere. But, I had this list of the things I would do to when I got back to pick myself up out of the slump.

I only had to survive 10 days until my next trip.

Well I worked a lot. Gotta stay busy. Unfortunately, though I have that disease that causes you to think too much.

When I wasn’t working I was drinking. When I wasn’t drinking, I was drugging. When I wasn’t drugging, I was sleeping. Which wasn’t much, because when I wasn’t sleeping, I working.

I was trying to drink away the part of the day I can not sleep away. (Modest Mouse – Polar Opposites, 1997.)




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