Working in Wisconsin

A few days after my graduation ceremony I was still recovering from the massive amount of stress my body and mind had gone through. When my Aunt sends me a congratulations text.

Except, she also wanted to know if I wanted to come work with for her for a week. She was going to buy me a ticket, pay me, and feed me. Of course I’ll go! You don’t even have to pay me just get me a ticket.

A week later I was on my way to Wisconsin. I’m a nice guy. I told her to get the cheapest ticket possible. The cheapest ticket came with a six hour layover in Denver. I brought a couple books with so it’s no big deal.

When we were scheduled to land in Madison there was a lightening storm over the airport. We were rerouted to Milwaukee, landed there, and hung out for an hour and half. We left rather abruptly because the pilots wanted to take off before the storm got to Milwaukee from Madison.

We ended up flying around the storm. Not sure if we went north or south though. I finally landed in Madison. Three hours late.

The next day I was to go to a few breweries with my Aunt Shelle, Great Uncle Jim and Great Aunt Sue. So much for working!

We went on a brewery tour that cost $5. They gave us a free beer before. A six pack at the end, and all you can drink for 30 minutes. This was brewery one of, I can’t even remember.

The next day I barrowed a car and drove two hours north to visit a Great Uncle on my dad’s side. He is eighty-plus years old. It was important for me to go visit him. We spent six hours talking about life. His travels, my travels, my plans, his advice. I really enjoyed the time I spent there with him. I hope to get back out there soon.

I spent the next week doing various yard work around my Aunt’s home. Mowing the lawn, unloading a huge pile of mulch, planting veggies, and weeding. But  by far my favorite was every morning taking care of the horses.

My Aunt Lisa rescued an abused horse. It was living next door in the neighbor’s stable with the neighbors horse. Every morning I would go over there early to brush them, feed them, and clean out their stalls. I loved it!

I hadn’t ever worked with horses before but I am hooked now.

I got to practice leash lining the rescued horse. It is essentially when you put a leash on the horse and run her in a circle. The goal is to get her used to commands before anyone tries to ride her.


This trip came at the perfect time in my life. I had been going through a lot at the time. I was feeling abandoned by my ex. But, in Wisconsin, family was coming from all over just to see me. They wanted to be with me because I was me. It made me feel great.

I talked to my Aunts about what I was going though and they told me about their lives. Everything was starting to make sense. I was calming. I remember hoping it would last when I returned home.

Of course, I would only be home for ten more days before I’d be off to Montana!



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