Goals For 2015

I meant to get this up on the Internet a long time ago but I was busy then I went camping. Anyways here it is!
It’s 2015! Happy New Year everybody. New year new resolutions. By the time I got around to posting this January is already half over. But nonetheless, I’ve got a few goals for this year one is already lined up, a for sure thing, and ready to be completed. My New Years Resolutions are:
  1. Get Out of the United States
    This is my goal that is already lined up and ready to go. Spring semester 2015 will be in Taipei, Taiwan. I was able to set up an entire semester abroad at no cost. In fact, with all my scholarships, grants, financial aid, and exchange rates I will probably be making money by going abroad.
    I’ve already got my plane ticket and my VISA to The Republic of China, Taiwan! I will be there in mid-February. Nervous and excited.
  2. Make More Friends
    I am hoping that this one and the first one will kind of go together. I am hoping that I can expand my social circle and make some new friends. It’s crazy how over the years friends come and go. Right now I have some really great friends, honestly the best. However, I think it would always benefit everyone to have more. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.
  3. Learn AdWords
    My last goal is to learn how to use Google AdWords but also learn other Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising sites like Bing and Yahoo. This resolution is part of a larger life goal to somehow create a location independent job. PPC just is a small part of that that I think I can focus on while studying abroad.
  4. Constantly Update This Blog
    I started this blog to keep track of my travels and my goals. I want to share with people who are interested where I am, where I’ve been, and where I’m going. I am hoping that 2015 will be a big year for all these things and this blog is the place I share I’ll my adventures.
The reason that I am sharing my resolutions is to hold myself accountable to myself (and anyone who may be reading this). At the end of the year we will see where I am!

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