2014 Travels

My girlfriend and I went on a road trip to Utah to visit Zion National Park for hiking. The first night we planned to camp outside the park. It was supposed yo be in the low 20s before wind chill. We figured with our new air mattress, mummy bags, and a nice fire, we could stay warm. But, the desert had other plans for us. The camp hosts sold us wet wood and no matter what we tried we could not get them to light and I was running out of small sticks. I freaking covered a few pieces in lighter fluid, nothing. Β The air mattress we had just gotten didn’t hold air, even with people not on it. It was a very cold night. The desert had defeated us. Luckily, my girlfriend’s Aunt and Uncle live in St. George, Utah and were extremely pleasant hosts.
Β Entering Zion WildernessStaircase in Zion National Park Hidden Trail Trailhead Zion National Park
Big Horn Sheep in Zion National Park

Big Horn Sheep in Zion National Park


Up on an arch on Hidden Trail in Zion National Park

My only regret is letting the desert defeat me. I plan to one day go back with the skills to survive a night like that. I honestly feel like I could have been more comfortable if I had tried a few other things. Oh well, life goes on.
We also went to Grand Escalante National Monument and hiked inside Buck Skin Gulch an 11.5 mile slot canyon.

Here is the entrance to the Bulk Skin Gulch



The entire hike the canyon would open wide and then narrow down



I am standing 15′ above the floor and the wall continues to tower above


Inside Buck Skin Gulch


One the way back home we stopped in Las Vegas!
Las Vegas
I don’t care too much for gambling. We just walked the stripped went into every casino on the strip to see the sights and free shows. One can get free drinks by sitting down at a slot machine when you a hostess. Always order a double! Chances are they are going to give you a weak drink because it is FREE so order a double! If you are playing tip well on that first drink so the hostess keeps coming back.
At twelve in the morning we were walking back to out room but stop to sit at slot just to rest. It had some money in it still so I played it. Lost it, but there was still some money, not enough to play this machine, but another machine. I cashed out and took it to a cheaper machine. I wasn’t winning or losing just breaking even. We started to take turns walking around to other machines. It was really late and it seemed like people were just living money. We cashed a lot of machines with 23 to 68 cents on them. One had a dollar and change and the cream of the crop had eight bucks. But we kept feeding them all into the same machine and ordering free drinks. We played a few hours got a ton of drinks and left with twenty bucks. All for FREE πŸ™‚
I had a lot of other things going on so couldn’t travel much. But, one other exciting thing we did was go to our first massive drum and bass event. We got to experience a two hour Andy C set, it was amazing!
Andy C
Thanks for reading!

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